last-of-the-idiot-girls asked It would have been pretty awesome If the Ain't It Fun music video had a scene with a gospel choir, like in Fall Out Boy's "This Ain't a Scene.." (that it's probably my favorite FOB video btw)

That would’ve been amazing, holy shit :)

-Liaa xx

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Anonymous asked Everyone calling Paramore sell-outs, all they're doing is getting a little more publicity so people will check out their music, listen to it and respect it. So if that makes them sell-outs then you need to find out the definition of sell-out.

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jaded-calculated-wrong asked she has definitely become more toned and i don't see anything wrong with that. plus, those kind of skater skirts do make your legs look skinner - i have lots of them and they thin out your legs bc they hide the tops of your thighs and stick slightly outwards, making your body look slimmer :-) Xxx

Ahh, yes. That’s a very good point, thank you :)

-Liaa xxx

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Anonymous asked Just wanted to say that while yes Hayley has slimmed down some, she actually just looks toned up compared to when she was younger. They must have edited some of those pics from the APMAs cause her legs look like tiny sticks with no difference between her thighs and calf, but she doesn't look that skinned in person

Entirely plausible; they look very different at the APMA’s as opposed to standing on stage or something.

-Liaa xx

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Anonymous asked Yeah Hayley has really slimmed down over the past few years. Not sure if she actually lost weight, cause for all we know she could have lost fat but gain some muscle mass. She's stated that she's cut dairy from her diet which over a period of time will cause you to drop fat and we know she does the Ballet Beautiful workouts which also causes you to slim down a lot. So that's why she's looking so skinny, but I believe she's very healthy still.

Thanks :)

-Liaa x

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Anonymous asked It's more like Hayley has toned. She wasn't building muscle, but doing a lot of cardio and toning. She doesn't want Madonna muscles. She's fit as fuck idec

The dancing on stage probably helped too?

-Liaa :) xx

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Anonymous asked nac: it's just not her legs that are skinny.. She really lost a lot of weight in these past years!

In response to this confession: x

I guess I haven’t noticed cause she’s always been small and tiny to me all these years..


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rangerofdiscord asked If only I could link gifs. I love you (ALL of you) and this account too <3


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rangerofdiscord asked --them to be, and are mad because they thought that Paramore would go back to its roots. Honestly guys. Be fucking happy for the band, stop going "THEY'RE SUCH SELL-OUTS OMG". Like seriously, why are you shitting on their fame? They got fucking PLATINUM man! 25k people went to one of their Monumentour shows! Be fucking happy on them! Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.

Part 4.

And can I just say that I love you???

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rangerofdiscord asked --because the people writing them are feeling complex emotions at the time. The Self-Titled Album is in no way a sell-out album, nor are they a sell-out band. Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor have always had diverse tastes in music, and Paramore reflects that, and it reflects their happiness and freedom as they grow up. People who call them sell outs, are in my own opinion, people who can't move on and don't like the fact that Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor are not the "emo" "punk" Gods they wanted--

Part 3

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rangerofdiscord asked I like to quote a tumblr post in response to that last confession instead of saying what I want to say (Which I will anyways: oMG GOD FORBID A BAND BECOMES HAPPIER AND SUDDENLY THEIR MUSIC IS HAPPIER AND IS ABOUT SIMPLER SUBJECTS???) but basically "One of the types of emo are Paramore fans stuck in 2007 who think that they're sell outs." Secondly (because I love adding my opinions and discussing things) you really can't compare Paramore's older music with their current music. It's two--

Part 1

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rangerofdiscord asked --completely different time periods, written under completely different situations and by people who were, in some respects, completely different from how they are now in terms of how they feel and view the world. Their lyrics are a bit simpler, yes, but a lot of their songs have had simple lyrics with simple meanings. It's their style of writing. When you have difficult issues, like with the issues surrounding the band during the writing of BNE, more complex songs are going to come out--

Part 2

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What’s your Paramore confession? Send it HERE.

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rangerofdiscord asked NAC A lot of times people will film Hayley because she's the most active. She dances, moves around a lot while Jeremy and Taylor tend to stay in the same spot. Hayley moves around, and as such, you get to see them as well. A lot of people complain to RTMorasan cause he tends to focus on Hayley but he said the same thing. Hayley's the most active and therefore draws the most attention

I’m pretty sure if Taylor or Jeremy were to move around more, they’d definitely draw a lot more attention but I think they do whatever they feel comfortable with on stage and that’s okay :)

-Liaa xx

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