rangerofdiscord asked I don't think the did sugar during the first show, it was the last show only I think

I meant before monumentour actually started. I can’t remember where Fall Out Boy was performing but Hayley came out during Sugar and performed with them. (She was wearing a dark plaid shirt and what I think was a tweed jacket, I’m not sure.)

-Liaa xx

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Anonymous asked To the anon about sugar, whatever they've done on the last show they dont done before will be unfair if ur seeing it like this...

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Anonymous asked So Hayley came our during sugar we're coming down at the last paramore show and to me it's unfair because so many other people wanted to see that?? Totally fair. Not.

(Was that the last monumentour show? Because that’s probably why. They did that song together before the start of this tour and doing it again commemorates the end of it???)


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rangerofdiscord asked NAC To that last anon, clearly you've never heard Hayley live. Her voice has improved tremendously. Yes, she makes some different noises but that doesn't make it worse. IMHO, It makes it better. And honestly, if you think Hayley doesn't care about her singing you clearly don't know Hayley. At all.

Literally just heart eyes emoji all around for you and your opinions :)

-Liaa x

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Anonymous asked i love hayley and paramore with all of my heart and soul, but hayley really doesn't seem to care much for her singing at all lately. she basically just makes these wierd sounds and yells into the mic during still into you and misery business (and most of their old songs). i know she only wants to make the concerts more fun, but its kind of sad to see such an amazing vocalist lose her potential as her voice has improved so much during these last few years.


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rangerofdiscord asked To the previous anon- it's closedeyes_open I think

Thanks :)

-Liaa xx

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Anonymous asked Does anybody remember what Hayley's old pre-paramore LJ is?

I think it had something to do with blue eyes or wings or something. I’ll check but I’m sorry, that’s all I can *vaguely* remember. Anyone else?

-Liaa xx

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Anonymous asked In the Paramore yearbook from 2014 they wrote that when they say "We Are Paramore" they mean everyone, not just the three of them and that made me cry a bit.

that’s so cute, aw

-L xx

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Anonymous asked I don't think that people who call Hayley a slut/say her clothes are slutty deserve to get M&G's. Why does someone who insults Hayley online get to meet her over people who genuinely love her no matter what?

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Anonymous asked Nac : i just wonder if you were posting all confessions u receive or not?

Yes, we’ve received them…I just haven’t made them yet. I will do them later today. :)

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Anonymous asked NAC maybe they didn't do the m&gs without Hayley because she is the one with the record contract, it's in her name remember?

It’s entirely plausible, but it just reinforces the idea that Hayley is the only one people really want to focus on. But maybe, who knows? Thanks for sending this in!

-Liaa xx

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Anonymous asked Wait if they're not switching the 9th song anymore what song are they playing?


Brick By Boring Brick, I think. 

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